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The first AGM was held in 1964, Miss Eileen Funston and Grace McKenzie were ladies with a vision and started campaigning for an old age home. Eventide Home was opened in September 1971 and when the residents became frail they had to be moved to Ladysmith. As a result the committee members of the Dundee and District Homes for the Aged Trust and Eventide amalgamated and formed the umbrella organization Dundee Aged Care in July 1983. With the assistance and involvement of the local community and dedicated volunteers, Dundee Aged Care has grown substantially over the years and offers various different levels of care for the elderly. As a result of dwindling government subsidies and the economic climate a decision was taken during 2010/2011 to approach SAVF - a non profit organization with over 100 years' experience and over 300 facilities under their wing- to amalgamate with Dundee Aged Care to provide financial backing and expertise.

We are blessed by the community with continued support and donations which all go a long way in running the home and providing necessary care. Volunteers are welcome and please feel free to contact us should you wish to become involved in any way.

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